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NVIDIA Tesla K40
On the agenda: The fundamental principles of quantum computing • Quantum versus. conventional HPC computing • Google, Lockheed Martin, NASA… a few use cases with Internet Giants • Quantum computing in 2025...
A CFD method was developed and applied for the simulation of oil flow in a multiple rotating spur-gear system. This method offers a convenient and efficient way to study different oil filling levels in a gearbox with respect to their influence on oil flow and on the volume fraction of oil on gear flanks.
NVM offers the promise of providing persistent memory close to the CPU that is fast, large and cost-effective. Making the rounds for a long time (since 2008 and counting), this proclamation is adding confusion about the characteristics of the technology. For example, if we consider Resistive RAM (RRAM) [...]
A solar telescope-specific problem is the heat generated by the tightly-focused sunlight. Unlike most ground-based telescopes, used at nighttime to capture a small number of photons from distant astronomical bodies, the DKIST will spend its working life pointed directly at the Sun, absorbing large quantities of focused light and heat energy.
A promising HPC User Forum

We now have the complete list of presentations and speakers for the September 15-17 HPC User Forum at the Grand Hyatt Seattle (WA) - a list that makes this forthcoming edition quite promising. Judge by yourself: Update on NERSC-8 [...]

Intersect360: Market Model and Forecast 2014-2018

This summarized analysis presents Intersect360's market model and five-year forecast for the overall High Performance Computing market, including servers, storage, services, software, networks and other products. In addition to what's happening now among customers and suppliers, a number of [...]

IDC Market Update @ ISC'14: all the slides

So you couldn't make it to ISC'14 and so you missed the traditional IDC Breakfast Briefing? No problem, here are the complete slides from the presentation. They'll give you a clearer view of today's state of our fast-paced industry, [...]

A "Supercomputer of supercomputers"...

With the advent of high speed internet (100 Gbps) - the first transatlantic link of this kind, ANA100, was installed last year and five or six more are expected before the end of 2014 - it just may be [...]

OCCIGEN: +2.1 Pflops in France

CINES (Centre Informatique National de l'Enseignement Supérieur, in Montpellier) will be the location for the new Bull supercomputer which GENCI has just acquired. Poetically named OCCIGEN, it should be deployed in September and put into production at the beginning [...]

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AMD FirePro S10000
Cray CS300
The Supercomputing 2014 Conference